A yard, a club.
Miss you.

A yard, a club. Miss you. is an exhibition project designed with this hypothesis in mind: cemeteries are perhaps the first places for display sculptures and performances. This might be a simple observation but it makes possible to balance ritual experience — of the cemetery — and esthetical experience — of an exhibition. We then invest the notions of scenery and stage, concretely and metaphorically, their sculptural and performative aspects. Four series of sculptures and an in situ installation form a whole set and refer to minimalism and romanticism. In fact, this show is a body-volume-space experience ; real and symbolic proportions, ratios, relationships ; nostalgia and loss.

White textured sculptures are displayed on an orthonormal imaginary grid, playing with the characteristics of the space. This serie of sculpture named Untitled Romantic Stones plays with monuments vocabulary, but also with socle, pedestal and furniture figures. A monument — a grave — is a furniture, isn’t it? A pedestal is a sculpture, isn’t it? Those artefacts always depends of a human body. Or its absence. On the ground, there are colored spots, such as handkerchiefs or scarves, dropped like stage directions. Miss You. Stoneware sculptures like fragments of an ancient archaeological site reveal body parts. But here, no pedestal. Some bas-reliefs on the walls evoke commemorative plaques. Walking through the exhibition a curtain of chains and flowers is constantly redefining the circulation of this well-organized space: it’s the spectral guide of an abstract procession.

Everything here seems to fail us, nothing seems really right, nothing seems really true.

— Untitled Romantic Stones (10 pieces).
Mixed media, variable dimensions, 2018.

— Miss You (20 pieces).
Silkscreen on satin, 45x45cm, 2018.

— Exquisite Corpus. Accessories. Understudy. (5 pieces).
Enameld stoneware, variable dimensions, 2018.

— Service. Viscere (30 pieces).
Enameld stoneware, variable dimensions, 2018.

— Curtain Choregraphy n°2, Sacral Dance.
Installation in situ, chains, flowers, mecanical system, digital programmation, 2015-2018.

A yard, a club, miss you. The Death Show II.
In Chroniques Parallèles, Audi Talents Prize 2017.
From 01.09.18 to 14.10.18 @ Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille.
Curator : Gaël Charbau.
Stonewares produced as a duo with Tristan Dassonville.
Photos : Samy Rio, JC Lette, Hugo L’ahelec.
Vidéos : Samy Rio, Mullenlowe, Hugo L’ahelec.

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