Room with some views.

Room with some views. Interlude. is an exhibition designed as a meantime, a between-place. Two rooms for a situation playing with the Bataille’s notion of eroticism: the approval of life into death. The first room quite explicitly evokes a tomb: a perfectly symmetrical and orderly arrangement. The second room displays two sculptures which look like seats (or stones, or graves) placed in front of a curtain of red satin. This set is somewhere between an antechamber, a funeral room, a theater stage, a backroom.

A place deprived of natural light, a blind scene, which perhaps has to be activated. Maybe we are arriving too early, maybe too late. The red curtain is decorated with a tear-like pattern and a suggestive drawing inspired by André Masson. On the other side stands a strange metallic figure, wearing in a scarf. It might be the key of an enigma, the right accessory to break the code. On the wall: some ceramic black screens decorated with organic stains. They are quite sensual surrealist appropriations.

An installation of chains and flowers definitely eroticises the exhibition: an odd game between death, inward, surface, flesh.

— Untitled Romantic Stone, n°5 (table), n°9 (chair), n°10 (chair).
Mixed media, variable dimensions, 2018.

— Exquisite Corpus. Accessories. Understudy, n°3 & n°5.
Enameld Stoneware, variable dimensions, 2018.
Collaboration with Tristan Dassonville.

— Service. Viscere (30 pieces serie).
Enameld Stoneware, variable dimensions, 2018.
En collaboration avec Tristan Dassonville.

— Chains, Curtain, Fountain.
Steel, fake flowers, in situ, 2018.

— Hanger. Transformism.
Stainless steel, fabric. 120x85xH150cm, 2018.

— Waterworks, Gradhiva.
Silkscreen on fabric, in situ, 520xH230cm, 2018.

Room with some views. Interlude.
was exhibited in Outside Our, Emerige Prize 2018 show.
From 01.09.18 to 14.10.18 @ Villa Emerige, Paris.
Curator : Gaël Charbau.
Pictures : Hugo L’ahelec, Rebecca Fanuelle.

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